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SOPs - Standard Operating Procedures

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Brand Building

The following is the Standard Operating Procedures we follow when it comes to Building a Brand.

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Graphic Design SOP for Client Projects

1. Client Briefing and Information Gathering:
Schedule an initial meeting with the client to discuss design requirements.
Use a detailed questionnaire to gather specific design preferences, objectives, and client references.
Ask the client if they have any visual references or examples of designs they like.
Document client-provided assets such as logos, brand guidelines, and existing designs.
2. Design Concept Development and Presentation:
Develop three distinct design concepts using industry-standard tools such as:
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Create mockups and presentations showcasing each design concept.
Present concepts to the client for feedback and selection.
3. Design Iteration and Revision Process:
Incorporate client feedback into the selected design concept.
Iterate on the design, refining elements based on client preferences and provided references.
Provide up to three rounds of revisions to ensure client satisfaction.
4. Finalization and Delivery:
Obtain final approval on the design from the client.
Prepare final design files in required formats (e.g., vector files, high-resolution images) using Adobe Creative Suite tools.
Deliver completed designs along with usage guidelines or documentation.

Video Production SOP for Client Projects

1. Video Briefing and Planning:
Conduct a discovery session with the client to define video objectives, audience, and gather references.
Develop a creative brief outlining key messaging, visual style, and desired outcomes.
Determine video length, format, and delivery platforms (e.g., social media, website).
2. Scripting and Storyboarding:
Create video scripts and storyboards using:
Chat gpt
Present scripts and storyboards to the client for feedback and approval.
3. Production and Editing Process:
Execute video production and editing using industry-standard tools such as Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.
Incorporate music, voiceovers, and special effects to enhance video content.
Use Eleven labs for voice overs
Use YouTube Audio Library, Mixkit, Pixabay and freesound for sound effects and bgm.
Ensure video quality and alignment with client expectations.
4. Client Review and Finalization:
Present the completed video to the client for review and feedback.
Incorporate client revisions into the final cut of the video.
Prepare the final video file in appropriate formats for distribution.
5. Delivery and Distribution:
Provide guidance on video distribution strategies and platforms.
Deliver the video assets to the client and assist with implementation if needed.

Content Creation SOP for Client Projects

1. Content Strategy Development:
Conduct a content audit and research using tools such as:
Google Analytics
Define content objectives, themes, and topics aligned with client goals.
2. Content Creation and Approval Process:
Assign content creation tasks to writers or content creators.
Develop content drafts using AI tools like GPT-3 for generating ideas and outlines.
Present content drafts to the client for feedback and approval.
3. Editing and Optimization:
Revise content based on client feedback and editorial guidelines.
Optimize content for SEO using tools like SEMrush and Yoast SEO.
Ensure consistency in tone, style, and brand voice across all content pieces.
4. Final Review and Delivery:
Obtain final approval on content from the client.
Prepare content assets for publication or distribution.
Provide guidance on content deployment and performance monitoring.

Branding Strategy and Execution SOP for Client Projects

1. Brand Audit and Research:
Conduct a comprehensive brand audit using tools such as:
Research market trends, competitor strategies, and audience insights.
2. Strategy Development and Documentation:
Develop a strategic roadmap outlining brand objectives, messaging, and positioning.
Create brand identity components using Adobe Creative Suite tools.
Incorporate client-provided brand references into the design and strategy development process.
3. Implementation and Rollout:
Execute brand strategy across all relevant touchpoints using appropriate design and marketing tools.
Monitor brand consistency and provide ongoing support for implementation.
Conduct training sessions or workshops to ensure internal adoption of brand guidelines.
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