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SOPs - Standard Operating Procedures

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Graphic Designing

Graphic Design SOP for Client Projects

1. Client Briefing and Information Gathering:
Schedule an initial meeting with the client to discuss design requirements.
Use a detailed questionnaire to gather specific design preferences, objectives, and client references.
Ask the client if they have any visual references or examples of designs they like.
Document client-provided assets such as logos, brand guidelines, and existing designs.
2. Design Concept Development and Presentation:
Develop three distinct design concepts using industry-standard tools such as:
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Create mockups and presentations showcasing each design concept.
Present concepts to the client for feedback and selection.
3. Design Iteration and Revision Process:
Incorporate client feedback into the selected design concept.
Iterate on the design, refining elements based on client preferences and provided references.
Provide up to three rounds of revisions to ensure client satisfaction.
4. Finalization and Delivery:
Obtain final approval on the design from the client.
Prepare final design files in required formats (e.g., vector files, high-resolution images) using Adobe Creative Suite tools.
Deliver completed designs along with usage guidelines or documentation.
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