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Client Onboarding

1. Introduction and Welcome:

The sales executive begins onboarding by welcoming the client to Fastrbuild and expressing gratitude for choosing our services.
The sales executive provides a brief overview of what the client can expect during the onboarding process.
The executive reports to the management regarding the client and holds a meeting with the management to discuss client requirements and assign an Account Executive.
The Account Executive ensures clear accountability and reporting for client requirements and account management.

2. Initial Contact and Communication:

Onboarding starts as the management assigns an account executive or primary point of contact (POC) for the client.
The sales executive initiates the first contact with the client to introduce the POC and establish communication channels.
The Account Executive schedules an initial meeting or call to discuss the client's needs, goals, and expectations.

3. Information Gathering:

The Account Executive, in collaboration with relevant teams, creates a structured questionnaire or form to gather essential information from the client.
Details such as company background, project requirements, timelines, budget, and specific preferences are collected and documented accurately.

4. Setting Expectations:

The information gathered is discussed with the team, and the Account Executive clearly outlines the scope of services, deliverables, and timelines.
Roles and responsibilities of both Fastrbuild and the client are discussed upfront to avoid misunderstandings later.

5. Proposal and Agreement:

The Account Executive prepares a detailed proposal outlining the project scope, timeline, cost, and terms of service.
The proposal is reviewed with the client, addressing any questions or concerns.
Once approved, a formal agreement or contract is generated for both parties to sign.

6. Kickoff Meeting:

A kickoff meeting is scheduled to officially commence the project, inviting key stakeholders from both Fastrbuild and the client's team.
Project objectives, timeline, milestones, and next steps are reviewed and agreed upon.

7. Access and Documentation:

The client is provided with access to relevant tools, platforms, or project management dashboards.
All agreements, discussions, and decisions made during the onboarding process are documented for future reference.

8. Training and Orientation:

Ongoing training sessions and support are offered to the client to familiarize them with Fastrbuild's processes and tools.
Client proficiency in using project management dashboards, submitting requests, and providing feedback is ensured.

9. Regular Check-ins:

Regular check-in meetings are scheduled with the client to review progress, address concerns, and gather feedback.
Open lines of communication are maintained to ensure client support throughout the project lifecycle.

10. Feedback Collection:

Channels for collecting feedback from the client at various stages of the project are established.
Clients are encouraged to provide honest feedback to improve service delivery and client satisfaction.

11. Continuous Improvement:

Post-onboarding reviews are conducted to identify areas for improvement in the onboarding process.
Feedback from clients and team members is used to refine and enhance the client onboarding SOPs continuously.

12. Closing and Transition:

All deliverables are completed to the client's satisfaction.
A closing meeting is scheduled to formally wrap up the onboarding process and transition into project execution.
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