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Client Satisfaction

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Communication Channels

Primary Communication Channels:

Emails: Used for timely communication and formal documentation.
Project Management Dashboard: Used for project updates, task assignments, and collaboration.
WhatsApp: Used for urgent support and quick communication.

Client Preferences:

Clients prefer timely communication through emails and routine Google Meets for updates.
WhatsApp messages or phone calls are preferred for urgent support during critical situations.

Emergency Contact Procedures:

Clients can contact their account executive or secondary POC for urgent requests.
Cross-team collaboration is facilitated based on resource availability.

Documentation and Record Keeping:

All client interactions documented in the Coda client dashboard.
Project progress and collaboration documented within Coda.

Response Time and Urgency:

Max 24-hour window for urgent revisions.
Max 48-hour window for handling urgent requests.
Team members report task status on the Coda dashboard.

Availability Management:

Any team member unavailability reported 48 hours prior via email and phone call to team lead.

Feedback Collection:

Feedback collected through email responses and comments in Google Meets.
Clients approach their POC for feedback.

Feedback Incorporation:

Team discusses feedback as a high priority.
Team lead reports implementation plans to management.
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